Tile and Grout Cleaning Charlotte, NC

Tile and Grout Cleaning Charlotte, NC

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Charlotte Services are best described with before and after photos. See for yourself how we can make a floor shine and brighten up with a thorough tile and grout cleaning service.
Tile and Grout cleaning

Have you noticed that your tile floor looks nothing like it did when you first moved in? You mop and scrub and the floor still looks dirty, that’s because it is. Tile and grout cleaning can be tricky because flooring is porous. Dirt, bacteria, and viruses can continue to live and spread on your floor surface. Over time your tile and grout will become dark and dingy from soil build up.

At Cleaner Carpet Concepts we utilize certified green cleaning formula to break down dirt and cut through grease that has built up over the years. Our formula has no harsh chemicals, is non-toxic and is safe for people and pets in your home. Once cleaned you floors will look “new” again. That's the magic of tile and grout cleaning.

Once the floor is cleaned we suggest sealing your floor with a sealant that will prevent stains and re-soiling. You have the option of choosing a clear seal or a color seal that will enhance the overall look of your floor.

Tile and grout cleaning charlotte

Kitchen tile floors are particularly prone to getting dirty because that is where food is prepared. And where food is prepared, sometimes food splatters on the floor. In addition to the accidental spills, the kitchen is also where the dirty dishes accumulate. With falling food and stacks of dirty dishes, no wonder your tiles need a good cleaning!

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning Charlotte service can be your the perfect answer to an unpopular chore: no one likes to hunch down and scour the floor. Solution: let us do it for you. Our professional staff have the equipment and know-how to get the job done effectively.

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