Leather Furniture Cleaning Charlotte, NC

leather furniture cleaning charlotte

Leather Furniture Cleaning Charlotte, North Carolina


Some homes are blessed with leather furniture which are both classy and comfortable. However, homeowners who have leather furniture know that the leather is difficult to upkeep and maintain. Spills need to be wiped dry immediately before the liquid is absorbed and causes discoloration. Cleaner Carpet Concepts is here to help: we offer Leather Furniture Cleaning Charlotte, North Carolina. We might be the answer to your leather furniture cleaning problems.

When cleaning leather sofas and leather furniture, it is important to use the proper cleaner. You want a product that is effective in cleaning yet it should not dry the leather, cause it to change color, or shrink. Although your leather furniture may be tough and durable, it should also be soft and smooth. It is a fine combination of strength and pliability. In some cases after leather cleaning, we may recommend a moisturizer or protector to help preserve your leather furniture.

Please keep in mind that we clean your leather furniture but this will not repair scrapes, scratches, punctures, and rips. For that you will need leather furniture repair and renovations. You will be amazed at how professional leather repair and renovation services can make your furniture look new again with refinishing and color matching technology.

leather furniture cleaning CharlotteIf you own leather furniture in your home or office, then you owe it to yourself and your property to take care of them. Leather furniture can be considered an investment as it presents you in a certain light and offers you a luxurious lifestyle that is envied by all. Take the time and effort to have your leather furniture cleaned by the professionals at Cleaner Carpet Concepts. Call for more details regarding our leather furniture cleaning Charlotte, NC services. You can telephone us at (980) 202-0577, send us Email, or follow us on facebook.