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Faqs 1: I have pet stains, can you remove them from my carpet?

We use a urine and odor pre-treatment for dog and cat urine. It is more successful on newer urine stains, since older stains have already discolored and are burned into the carpet fibers. The ability to remove pet stains will vary from case to case. You can send us email describing the nature of the pet stain so we can assess the situation a little better.


Will you give me the cheapest bid in town?

We will certainly be happy to hear of your proposal but we cannot promise that we will offer you the cheapest bid in town. Please keep in mind that cheapest is not necessarily the best. Some establishments might use very strong chemicals to clean your carpet and these may be more affordable; however, these chemicals may decrease the longevity of your flooring and the result fumes may be bad for your family's health. We try to offer reasonable prices but it must be within the limits such that we can still operate as a business.

What are some of the benefits of Green (non-toxic) carpet cleaning?

In recent years, people have come to realize that our planet is dying because of the chemicals we use. It is morally responsible to try to use eco-friendly or green cleaning methods. The cleansers are bio-degradeable so we impose minimal impact on the animals and environment around us. In addition to minimizing harm to the animals, the Green cleaners are also safer for ourselves since they do not depend on harsh chemicals.

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