Fabric Protection Charlotte, NC


Fabric Protection Charlotte, North Carolina

Our fabric protection Charlotte services and cleaning solutions protects your carpet in two ways:

1) The anti-soiling component repels dirt.
That makes your carpet and upholstery withstand the spills and dirt that accumulate over time.  It also makes vacuuming easier, and reduces cleaning time.

2) Then there’s our anti-staining component.
It helps prevent discoloration on a microscopic level. Because dye sites are built into carpet fibers to hold dye, without a stain preventative, your next spill could add a permanent accent to your carpet. So our fabric protection prevents stains from binding to the fiber keeping your carpet spotless and keeping it around for longer.

As a result, carpet and upholstery treated with our protector will exhibit outstanding soil resistance and stain releasing properties. Not only will the protector make your fabrics look better, it is also safe to use. Our Cleaner Carpet Concepts Protector meets all VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) regulations. It is safe for stain-resist and synthetic carpet and upholstery fibers.

fabric protection Charlotte Contact us to learn more about our fabric protection Charlotte services. We always aim high when it comes to customer care and personalized services. Because we are family owned, we understand your concerns and will do our very best to provide for your family's carpet and floor cleaning needs. You can telephone us (980) 202-0577, send Email, or follow us on facebook.