Charlotte Carpet Cleaning


Charlotte Carpet Cleaning

North Carolina, Charlotte Carpet Cleaning at its finest! If you have carpet in your home, it can trap dust and lead to allergies and other illnesses, so you need to keep it clean. It is especially important to keep your carpet clean if you have babies and little toddlers. These young children spend a lot of time crawling around and rolling around on the floor. You need to keep your family safe from the effects of a dirty carpet. Industry-leading carpet cleaning technology removes dirt and extends the life of your carpet while improving the air quality all around you.


There is no better way to clean



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Once our environmentally friendly detergent free products are applied and extracted, they continue to encapsulate the dirt.  You’re left with clean, dry, and residue-free carpet. You’ll go from dirty to clean with virtually no down time. We use much less water compared to other carpet cleaning methodologies so your carpet will dry faster. Faster drying will prevent mildew and mold growth. Walking on a dry carpet is much better than walking on a wet carpet because the moisture attracts dirt and pulls it into the carpet. Our environmentally friendly cleaning agents are gentle on your carpets which will give them longevity.


Our Premium Green Carpet Cleaning Process

1) Pre-Inspection of carpet to be cleaned.
2) Vacuuming of all areas to be cleaned and detailed edging.
3) Light furniture will be moved as needed.
4) Pre-condition high traffic lanes and heavily soiled areas.
5) Pre-Spraying of all carpet fibers.
6) Orbital Pad Extraction.
7) Advanced manual spot removal (Red stains, Wine, Rust, Coffee, and more)
8) Post grooming to lift and set carpet pile for a beautiful finish.

Charlotte Carpet Cleaning
You can see the difference.

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